MAC – International

The right talent at the right moment at the right place. International employment agency for technical personnel.
If you have a construction company, or operate in the mobility trade or the metal sector, workload is subject to fluctuation, ranging from high levels of activity to quieter periods. You may sometimes require temporary personnel. To cover peak periods, for example, or to prevent overcapacity instead. Nobody understands that better than MAC International. For many years now, we have worked together with diverse national and international enterprises who entrust us with their

temporary workforce requirements. We select at an international level and ensure that the best qualified people are quickly available to start work with you. Moreover, you can count on speed, flexibility and professional expertise. Our greatest concern is safeguarding the continuity of your company. Doing business with MAC International gives you the assurance of short lines of communication and a dedicated team. Besides searching for good candidates abroad, MAC International also selects Dutch candidates for offshore projects. Here, extremely skilled specialists are involved.